Small beginnings

The only thing impossible to destroy is an idea. Think about this for a moment, if you really commit to an idea and know it to be a great one, regardless of what others may think of it, it sticks. It keeps reminding you of its existence and potential waiting for you to fully commit and initiate to action. The problem is the follow through. See, ideas are built on hope. The planning and execution is minimal compared to the commitment and perseverance needed to make it an absolute. Based on the fact that the greatness of that idea, being based on the hope of its reality, requires a huge commitment.


I’m about to set out on a journey based on hope and an idea, which according to me is a great one and one worth committing my entire future on. If it is the first time you are reading my blog, take the time to go through my other posts and you will see that I am fully committed to nature and more importantly protecting and preserving it for future generations, but more of that later.

I grew up modest, average family, middle wage, middle life enough to survive and enjoy the ride. In my existence up until this point I have learned a lot and taken away lessons well learned based on my beliefs. Early in my adult life I set myself some long term goals: make a difference before you leave, touch people along the way, be kind to everyone and everything, leave a memory. At first I studied to be a teacher as I believed, and still do, that being a teacher touches on each of these goals. Needless to say teaching did not really agree with me as I found various obstacles along the way. Shortly after completing my studies I proceeded into emergency medicine and found myself a senior of an ambulance. The shifts allowed for a lot of free time making it possible for me to go on hikes and enjoy nature. Being a paramedic I had entered into a life of service.

I’ve been in the emergency medical services for the better part of a decade now and feel that its time for a change. In today’s day and age we value the wrong things, materialistic things. A big house, garages full of expensive cars and lots of fine things all lent and paid for by the bank on the back of a good job will result in one calling yourself a success. Albert Einstein once said: “Try not to be a man of success, but rather a man of value” Once you die and your body returns to the earth, how will you be remembered? Will you be remembered? Will you be remembered as a success or failure? Or will you be remembered through a legacy left behind? I am, and the plan is, to achieve the later.

The plan is to share, teach and explain the how and most importantly, why of nature. Growing up in Africa has its difficulties sure. The public transport system sucks! Internet is as fast as a beetle rolling dung up hill and everything is more expensive than pretty much anywhere overseas. But, it has its benefits. Nature oozes out at you around every corner. With in 20 kilometers from where I am typing this now I can find the big five etc. Want to see or dive with a Great White? Lets go to my in-laws beach house for the weekend. All around me I find nature screaming at me “here I am, embrace me!”

When my son was born six months ago I became very exited. I remembered the excitement of climbing my first mountain and camping out for the first time. I remember hearing the roar of a lion for the first time and seeing a humpback breaching near the boat. I could not wait taking him out and having him, see, feel and experience these truly remarkable things for the first time. Question was… Are they going to be there for him to experience?

Conservation has never been one of my strong points. I know what I have to do to ensure that my time spent on this planet results in a minimalist footprint and I love teaching and sharing. I also know through my studies wanting to become a teacher, that there is something seriously wrong with the youth of today. Technology is great, it is what is allowing me to reach you with this blog, but it is also responsible for tearing our children away for the natural world. A simple ball and park would keep me and my friends entertained from dawn to dusk nearly every day. These precious experiences have been replaced by modern youth for BlackBerry’s couches and Xbox 360’s.

The plan is simple. Educate tomorrows adults the wonders of being outside and most importantly why it is important to preserve the Wild for their children and their children’s children. This, as with any idea, will be a work in progress, but a commitment I am willing to undertake. I will be sharing the up’s and downs with you as I take this journey one step at a time. As always, may you have Goodhikes.


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