Why nature is never fake

Fake by definition is bad. The dictionary uses words to define fake and clearly indicates it as negative. Words like, deceptive, trick, bad, not genuine, forgery and sham are but a few. So its easy to put the topic to rest that fake equils bad. I am of the opinion that nature is never fake. To some brilliant degree it may be deceptive, but never fake. Human nature however seems to flawlessly depict fake at its worst on a daily basis.


Sitting at work I couldnt help but notice some silly day-time talk show blurring in the background. One of the topics for the day was about a bodybuilder who was so spray tanned that he resembled the inside of a M&M. That made me think, why do we as humans spend billions of dollars every year being fake when nature intended us to be who we are.

Augmentations such as nose jobs, boob jobs and Botox are socially excepted. There are even some “higher society” circles that would fail to accept you in to there click should you not have at least some work done. When last have you accidentally looked at a bodybuilding mag in the magazine section of a bookshop and not seen a hulk all chocolate’ed up. We are surrounded by fake. Reality TV shows about busting people faking their internet dating profile. Fake plants in buildings, fake hair on beautiful women, fake eye color lenses and even the un-brave “hardcore” trying to pull off fake tattoos. Whats the point of depicting what you’re not when you are beautiful the way you are.

In nature things work a little deferent. Scientists define the deception of nature as Aggressive- and Peckhamian mimicry. The exception on the rule for the definition, ironically, is that it does not apply to that of a human hunter attempting to mimic another animal with the intention of hunting it. Thus the exception can be defined as “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”

The Angler fish for instance has a spine that mimics that of a worm with the intention of other fish being attracted to it as pray. Known as Batesian mimicry some insects and animals may also mimic stronger versions of themselves to deceive predators in thinking that they are stronger than what they are. Certain snakes and butterflies will mimic the camouflage and even attack and defense styles of poisonous species to ward off predators and humans thus making them believe that they are dangerous when they are not.

So why do humans have such an insistence to depict that which they are not? My opinion is that it all boils down to self respect. Alfa males of any species have earned their status by admiration from their peers not by perseption but through acts. Some call that primitive I call it fair. In our “civilisation” you can give a two dollar man a thousand dollar suit, shoes, shave and haircut, and he can claim a trophy female to mate with at any watering hole, but give a modern day saint a tshirt and flipflops and he is depicted by society as a bum. In nature the fethers maketh the bird, but its always coupled by a fancy song and dance swooing the ladies.

With all the fakery and deception might we not have evolved into a species without dignity and selfrespect. A species that places more value on an expencive nose job and fancy branded itlian leather dress shoes over that of an achievement, ambition and dignity?

When you are finished reading this post take a look around you, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “is this me?” If your answer is yes, then your probably smiling and I have no need in telling you why. If your answer is no, well then I have some good news. You can change, but it has to start with you. Get outside and touch nature for it, and it alone, holds all the examples and keys for your change. As always, may you have Goodhikes.


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