Serendipitous epiphanies

English is not my first language yet I love the morphology of the language and how certain words annunciate into being. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien writer of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings novels and fellow South African born in Bloemfontein was once quoted saying that the most beautiful phrase in the English language is “cellar door” A combination of sounds, subtle but beautiful in its pronunciation.

Even more than just pretty sounding words is when the meaning explodes from the morphology making it true to its own. Two examples of this are the words Serendipitous and Epiphany. A table is a counter is a top is a surface, but serendipitous and epiphany as words are unique in more ways than one. Put next to each other they simply came to be, my meaning of life. An ongoing serendipitous cascade of epiphanies making my life a wonderful adventure.

In my 28 years on earth thus far I have had the pleasure of growing up and exploring the most beautiful continent on our green planet. Africa. Still I feel wronged that it took me 20 years before I realized what was right in front of me everyday smack in my face while I drove on my way to work eager to do my part in the rat race. Some things are to grand and to huge in its understanding to have one word dedicated to their meaning.

Every morning I drove with the sunset at my back, away from the west towards the east. April evenings painted the most beautiful of canvases in Cape Town, my hometown. The way the suns rays were separated by the contour lines of Lions head and Table Mountain took my breath away on many an occasion. If the South Easter was howling it would mean that a fresh tablecloth would be covering the mountain much resembling tangerine candy floss, while the sun dipped into the Atlantic behind it. To me this will always be natures masterpiece. My reason for being.

For centuries “the man” has manipulated us into believing that nature should play second fiddle in the success of human survival. Only now that scientists have discovered that nature is about to fight back, only now should we sit up and take note. Not back in the eighties when the cracking screech of a dot matrix was more important than the rainforest giants that produced the paper it fed on. Like rats we take part in this race to infect and consume our planet until its done, gone and only then will the balance come into existence with our own extinction.

It is this epiphany which put me on a path of ongoing serendipitous discoveries into nearby places all around me. This is what and why I will blog and I will do this with the hope that should you read and understand this, that you will also reach out and start touching nature, before it is to late. This is my mission statement.

With a pack on my back and a camera in my hand I will venture forth into my own back yard documenting its amazing and epically beautiful adventures so that you to may be inspired to do the same and contribute to this amazing culture of going outside and discovering nature.

This is, Goodhikes Cape Town


2 responses to “Serendipitous epiphanies

    • Since I started experiencing this drive to get out, I’ve been trying to get as many people to join me on my excursions. Thank you for your comment, its nice to know that someone other than friends or family approves. The first of many detailed hikes will be posted within the next 48h.

      Love your backyard!

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